How To Use Facebook’s Pixel Helper

What many don’t realize is that they’re missing a huge opportunity to curate custom audiences just by implementing Facebook’s Universal pixels.

This doesn’t even factor in the 9 Standard Events that allow marketers to find valuable data about their site visitors, based on parameters that they set.

Whenever, I’m working with a potential client, I like to evaluate their digital plumbing as we call it here at Blitz using the Chrome Facebook Pixel Helper extension.

In two steps, you can be a pro at this too:

Step 1 – Install the plugin.

Pixel Helper 1
Add the plugin on chrome.


Step 2 – Navigate to the site you’d like to audit and open the pixel helper. 

Pixel Helper 2

You can see here that The North Face is firing two Page View tags, which would have to mean they’re running off of two different Ads Accounts. This could be because they outsource their digital marketing to an agency.

You actually don’t want to do this for various reasons, which North Face may or may not know. That’s the power of a simple Facebook Pixel analysis.

Have you tried this on any sites? Did you find anything interesting? I’m sure you did :) Let me know in the comments below.

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