Social Media As Your Top News Platform

I have noticed that much of what I see when I log on to Facebook these days consists of video content. A lot of this is news related, and there has been a steady increase of this type of media as we have moved deeper into election season.

I don’t mind this subtle change in the way we use Facebook. I started using it in middle school as the new MySpace, transitioned into using it as an event organization tool, and now it’s a highly effective way for me to spread ideas. When I take a look at my feed, I see a cornucopia of videos and links to articles/blogs ranging from delicious recipes (I shamelessly share these on FB) to Donald Trump celebrating cinco de mayo and eating a “Trump Tower Grill Taco Bowl”.

By the way…they allegedly don’t even have these on the menu.


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.53.38 PM


Social media applications provide people an easy access platform with shareable links to news. Usually, these come in the form of little bites of information, which are less time consuming and more concise than the 24-hour new from networks like CNN, where it feels a little more like drinking from a fire hose.


A study by Pew Research Center from just 3 years ago shows that, of all social media sites, Facebook has the highest volume of U.S. adult users, about half of which receive their news directly from the application.

I speculate that this will be the direction that popular news will be moving into. We have seen a surge of digital groups that generate news content such as the Huffington Post, Now This, and BuzzFeed.

The Huffington post has earned its place as #4 in a Pew Research “Top 50 Online News Entity” list above  CBS news. Social media platform Snapchat is allowing CNN and other news networks to create a “story”,  Facebook has created an outlet for groups to rise out of the digital space and own their own niche in news, and I am unsure about the where social media will move next, but I have a feeling that it is becoming the top platform from which people in the U.S. receive news.



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