Personal Efficiency: Do, Delegate, Delete

Through my experience with blitz, so far, I have recognized how invaluable personal efficiency will be.

Here’s an interesting statistic. According to a recent study, young adults spend, on average, (drum roll) 5 hours a day on their phones. That is nearly a 3rd of their waking hours. Or should I say our waking hours. After all I am still a young adult. Doing the math, with 7 days in a week that quickly adds up to 35 hours a week, so over a full day per week of phone usage and that is just the average.

I am definitely guilty of falling down the digital hole. We’ve probably all been there, and we dig ourselves deeper with every link or new video we click on.

Hours are spent looking at pictures, reading articles, and most often watching videos. One time I fell down the hole, starting from an innocent video that a friend shared about sky diving, and ended up 45 minutes later, without even noticing, still on FB, reading an article about the top 10 actors who didn’t age well.

This is precisely why the personal efficiency triangle spoke to me the most. Wasting my time, will pretty soon mean wasting the time of my co-workers and even worse, clients that are trusting me with their time, and this simply doesn’t work, so here is my plan:

In order to actually execute Do, Delegate, Delete, I need to have time to do that work and will have to stay on top of it. In order to do that I will drop Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other time wasting applications during the work, which I will allot a discrete segment of my day to.

After cutting out big time wasters, I will have an 8 hour work period to schedule into my day. Since I don’t want to be up late doing work, I will have to schedule the start of my work day earlier, which will mean becoming more efficient with all day to day tasks (morning routine, eating, etc.).

Upon starting my work, I will employ the DDD method. This will apply in all facets of my work day. Specifically, I plan on being very responsive to emails (Do) and will need to make sure that I am taking little frequent stabs at my work spread out over time as opposed to trying to do it all at once and having a lot of errors.

For now, my biggest responsibility will be getting up to speed (SEO, AdWords, Excel, White Sands) and that will take diligence and effort. My plan moving forward will be to voraciously learn and to start contributing.

My goal is to master personal efficiency and to be able to progressively do more in less time. This means more MAA and faster CID, while upholding the same quality of work, thus moving projects along quickly, and being able to teaching others (LDT) how to be more efficient.

Eventually, I hope this translates into being able to complete more than just my work goals efficiently. I hope to be able to fit in as much as I can into my daily life, so that I am always tired at the end of the day and can build a life full of enriching experiences for myself and others.

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