How to Find A Basecamp Classic Thread in Basecamp 2

If you’re new to BlitzMetrics and working in operations, or you just didn’t know and are interested, we used to use Basecamp Classic.

Only a few internal people need access to the original Basecamp, since most of the threads were migrated.

This tutorial outlines how to revive a Basecamp Classic thread that’s been migrated. Although it will seem simple enough, it’s not exactly intuitive, ergo this brief training.

NOTE: Any time you see a training here, it’s because someone (in this case me) ran into this issue several times and thought it would be good for others to learn how #LDT…also #CCS.

Step 1 – Type the name of the old thread into BC2 search and click. 



Step 2 – Dig, dig, dig.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.20.32 PM

I won’t attach a GIF explaining this one, because it would feature me scrolling for however long (or using comm + F) to find the exact title.

You’ll come to realized that Basecamp’s search feature is archaic compared to the intelligent search that Google has spoiled us with.

That being said, happy digging and reviving– you’re now equipped to resurrect Basecamp Classic threads!

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