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So you missed Digital Marketer’s latest webinar on social selling? Have no fear…I took notes and I’m willing to share.

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  • The customers you already have, you’ve spent money to acquire them. Keep them happy and give them more. 
  • Ascension – using social media to graduate a customer or prospect from one stage of a funnel to the next
  • Always be looking for an “Ascension Path” from paid traffic, search, etc. to the next step. 
  • Send traffic to a page – the only goal is to capture a lead.
  • Lead capture —> Sales Page —> Order Form—> Upsell —> Down/upsell—> Thank You page
  • Get them into the funnel and ascend them – buying more stuff from us
  • Retention: Using social media to reduce churn and increase purchase frequency. (decreasing cancellations or defections)
  • people buy from who they know, like, and trust
  • Use value first offers to drive traffic out of social media. 
  • Embed offers in content – “put billboards in your content” you’re driving traffic to your content, hang your own billboards along your own highway.
  • 80% ungated (blog content, podcast), 10% gated, 10% flash sales/deep discounts
  • Upsell from Deep Discount – not making money from discounts, just creating value to drive traffic and then you make relevant upsells
  • You sell 100 Rolex watches, some percent would buy the next level up, or they would have purchased a second one.
  • You don’t sell on social, you come in with front end value. 
  • If you want to sell $1,000 things to people, you need to build up an email list. 
  • Retention – keep the customers you already have happy (social customer service)
  • 67% complain via social media – failure to respond to this will increase churn rate
  • people who have their issues addressed spend 20-40% more with those companies
  • Feedback Loops – Lowes has an app that they send folks to as their customer service feedback loop process
  • 3-Step Customer Service process
  • 1. Respond in a timely manner. The longer you wait, the worse it gets on social media (internet time is not like real time is moves much faster)
  • Create a “you’ve been heard” response with a resolution provided within 24 hours
  • 2. Empathize – agreeing that you feel the same way in their shoes
  • “We undestand that you have had a bad experience…”
  • “We are so sorry to have caused you an inconvenience…”
  • Include an empathy statement
  • 3. Move the conversation to a private channel
  • Much easier to talk one-on-one with someone rather than letting the public chime in and escalate. If it’s simple public is fine, but for most CS issues move to private. 
  • Use social listening tools – conversation prism
  • Even on channels that you monitor it can be hard to catch. 31`% of mentions don’t include the Twitter handle. 
  • Hootsuite – A way to monitor your social accounts
  • Create a private group to give members a sense of exclusivity and retain them. It’s a 24/7 retention tool. There’s always someone awake in DM Engage.
  • Increased customer satsifaction.

A big thanks to the folks at DM for all of these great nuggets on social selling. I was particularly interested in the community management aspect, since I run our Facebook page here at BlitzMetrics. I’m going to have to try creating exclusive Facebook groups for qualifying specialists, businesses, and partners as a form of retention and customer service.

What do you guys make of this? Let me know in the comment section below.

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