Congratulations! You’re a BlitzMetrics Specialist :)

Welcome to the team!

You’ve passed the qualification and 6-week test phase and now you’re ready for a hands-on learning experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising.

To help you get off to a productive first week, I’ve prepared a new specialist “starter kit”.

Starter Kit


Internal Resources

  • Asset Manager - where all of our training guides live– study these carefully and reference them often.
  • Content Library -  where we house personal branding documents and the BlitzMetrics article library (over 1,000 for you to study during your time at Blitz). In due time, you may work with partners to help them collect brand mentions, so cruise over to the endorsement tracker to get a feel for what that entails.
  • Additional Training Links - hours upon hours of valuable video content– don’t get overwhelmed. The idea is to practice LDT in little pieces every day to round out your understanding between the tactical, conceptual, and strategic.
  • Access Writeboard - if ever you don’t know what the password is, reference this document. If it isn’t in the document, your team lead will probably know where to find it.
My recommendations are that you download Chrome — for many reasons — if you’re not using it already, and to add these links to your bookmarks.
Chrome Extensions
After downloading chrome, install the following extensions:
We use these to “diagnose” plumbing. You’ll find that most people don’t have the proper pixels in place, and if they do, they aren’t configured the right way.
Disclaimer: This resource is for internal members and most of the links below can only be accessed by Blitz employees. Please let me know if you have questions about our onboarding process and I’ll gladly oblige.

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