4 Hacks For Writing More Authoritatively

No matter what industry you belong to, if you’re a professional with a process that’s tried and true, you can build authority.  The next step is to produce valuable content around your expertise.

Here are a few hacks on authoritative writing that we use at BlitzMetrics…

Hack #1: Quote the people that you’re trying to incept. It’s easy to quote the authoritative content of others and since you’ll be lifting these people up, they’ll want to share your content in return. I’m running personal branding for our CTO, Dennis Yu, who’s an influencer in the digital marketing industry. You can see here or here that I share content featuring Dennis all the time…if it’s high quality, of course. It’s a bit like a climbing a ladder and building it along the way with the support (rungs in this analogy) of others.

Hack #2: Tone is important. In order to be perceived as an expert, it’s crucial to capture the right tone – clear, concise, and educational. Our friend Larry Kim is good at this. Try to capture the message in as few words as possible since people are too busy to read wordy articles. You don’t want people to stop reading in the middle of your article.


Hack #3: GCT – Goals, Content, Targeting . All of these must be aligned for the highest degree of success and authority. Naturally, if you’re an expert in your niche, your content will have authority. If you’re in the wealth management industry, for example, your goals drive content about how to help people manage and augment their financial standing. Folks who you target will notice and want to solicit your services over firms like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

Hack #4: Build case studies and refer to them. Proof of process is the ultimate and most undeniable form of authority – it’s as simple as that. So take screenshots, create checklists, and compile your client endorsements. People care more about what others have to say about you than what you say about yourself.

Do you have a strategy that’s been working for you? I’d love to hear about it:

Email – alex@blitzmetrics.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/alex.ownejazayeri


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