The 3 Ways to Qualify Webinars

We get requests from folks all the time to speak on their webinars on the subject of digital marketing.
If we said yes to every single one of these, we’d have no time to run our business! Over time, however, we’ve developed a few criteria that are tried and true to qualify.
Before saying yes, you must ask yourself the following 3 questions:

What is their audience size?

If they aren’t reaching 10k people, you should politely decline. The ideal viewership is 50k+ for the hour of your time to worth it. Ideally, you’re able to share knowledge in such a way that it’s reaching a large audience that resonates best with your message.

Maximize impact by using speaking opportunities to educate the greatest number of people on your process.

Do they have a process in place?

When organizers have a process in place for speakers — a checklist of items that you must submit and have submitted within the few days before the event — this is a sign of experience.

You want to avoid technical difficulties and complications that result from being a part of someone’s “first rodeo”.

If you lost audio, or don’t receive a shareable link, the webinar loses efficacy, since it’s then just a one-time event that others won’t be able to learn from.

The idea is to create a piece of training for future specialists, clients, or partners in the future.

Obviously, you’ll want to ask for a list of questions and decide whether or not those can be answered via an FAQ.

Where’s the social proof?

Finally, you’ll want to investigate their site and engagement on posts. A good litmus test is to see how many people engage with their previous events and comparing that to their claimed viewership.

What use is high reach if it’s not high-quality right?

Remember that this isn’t to be Machiavellian and to deny everyone that won’t make you famous. This is to ensure that both parties are getting the most out of the experience.

Ultimately, the goal is to educate, so optimize to the experiences and event that allow you to do that best.

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