3 Ways To Say Thank You

What do we do when someone does something excellent for us? Typically we say “thank you” as an expression of gratitude, but we aren’t limited to a face-to-face interaction. Actually, it’s sometimes more valuable and permanent to do something online for others to see.

We are the sum of what others say about us, so of course when you have something nice to say, people will generally want others to hear it too. This is especially true in the world of business. Your thank you is an endorsement of our work. So what are some of the ways to go about this?

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1 – One Minute Facebook Live Video

This doesn’t HAVE to be exactly one minute. It can be as long as you’d like since most people won’t complain about being complimented. If you have one, post the video from your Facebook page instead of your profile.

2 – Share something specific, not a general testimonial

While people love the “(Insert name of company) is great”, it’s more powerful when folks discuss their issue, what was done to address it, and the result.

3 – Tag across various channels

Create a post on FB (at least), but re-share on Twitter and LinkedIn, tagging whoever you’re thanking, so they can pick it up in their mentions process

What are some of the different ways you’ve said “thank you” in the past? How have people done this for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Your Influential Content Is Hiding In Plain Sight

The hardest part of writing content is starting. Most people who have tried to create authoritative content have gone through the same list of questions and concerns that essentially boil down to “I don’t have influential content on sites like Forbes or Fortune. Where do I start?”

You ALWAYS have some level of influential content, even if it’s just a customer or friend talking about you.

The lack of confidence in this area stems from misinformation. The truth is, claiming that you don’t have any influential content is saying that your expertise are invalid (since content is the expression of those expert tips on some form of media) and that nobody is endorsing you.

Creating authoritative content can be done by using these 4 techniques.  It takes time to build influence in your field by publishing to increasingly authoritative sites moving toward contributing to the highest authority sites.  You can use dollar a day to incept influencers at these publications to accelerate the process.

A more immediate and plain form of influential content is the positive mentions people make across various channels. With social listening apps, it’s easy to track these across the platforms you’re present on. Take an endorsement and feature it on your website.

The key is to simply say “thank you” and pay it forward. Ask if you can quote these folks and feature them on an endorsement page.

Bootstrap that up to get increasingly larger positive mentions. Make it not about you, but about THEM, so that you are “acting like a journalist“.

What’s the best endorsement someone has given you before? Let me know in the comment section below!